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Military City RED WHITE & RUCK

Sat November 4, 2023



Please note: All divisions are open to all ages and genders

  • Competitive Solo Ruck

  • Competitive 2-person Relay Team

  • Competitive 4+ person Relay Team

  • Honorary - No weight, lap card, or awards. All fun!


6430 Padre Drive 
Pavilion #2's parking lot has ample space. Look for the event day signs. That same morning, we're hosting a bike ride so that the lot will be full of cars with bike racks. You're in the right place. 


7:00-8:45 AM Registration & Packet Pickup.
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM RUCK

✯ If you are registered for the solo or relay ruck teams, you must carry a minimum of 25 pounds.
✯ Marchers may wear a vest, backpack, or rucksack.
✯ Packs, vests, and weights are not provided. Marchers are responsible for bringing their own pack or weighted vest.
✯ Anyone signed up for the honorary does not need to wear a pack or weight. 

Where tailgating meets the ruck march! 

✯ This is the perfect spot to rest, rehydrate, and grab whatever you need before tagging off to your relay partner.
✯ You can bring chairs and pop-up canopies for yourself and your team. 
✯ We highly recommend keeping water and any necessary nourishment for the ruck with you on the route.
✯ Snacks and drinks will be provided for you in the staging area. 
Please note that the honorary division does not receive lap cards. 

You have three hours to complete as many laps as possible during the allotted time.

✯ You will enter and exit the ruck staging area before and after each lap.
✯ Each team (and solo marcher) will be provided one lap card.
✯ The Rucker on the course must carry this card with them at all times while on the course.
✯ If you complete a lap without your or your team's card, that lap will not count. No card = No lap!
✯ Teams can ruck together or can participate in relay style. If you choose to participate in relay style, you must remember to hand off your lap card. Again, if you don’t hand off your lap card to your relay partner, their lap will not count.
✯ If time expires while you are on course, that lap does not count.
✯ Please also see "How Laps Work" in the section below. 

Water will be provided inside the staging area.

✯ We will ruck rain or shine.
✯ Please be prepared for all types of weather. 
There are bathrooms near the Pavilion near the basketball courts. 

At the Memories of Honor tent, we will have our Wall of Gratitude, where you can write a note to your hero's family on your Fallen Hero Memorial Bib. These will be placed on the wall and mailed to each family member. 


Q. How do the laps work? 

A. As you're finishing up your lap - you will see tables at Gate F. 

✯ If you are in the honorary division, you will have a fast pass lane -- where you won't need to stop. 
✯ If you are in one of the competitive divisions, you will need to get in line to have your pack or vest weighed. 
✯ We suggest removing your vest or pack while in line. 
✯ One of the volunteers will weigh your pack or vest and provide you with a stamp on your lap card. 
✯ If you're doing the solo, you will decide if you're going to rest in the staging area or keep going and continue on the course. 
✯ When participating in a relay, remember to pass off the lap card to your teammate when you finish your lap. They will then proceed to start the next lap. No lap card... No punch... meaning the lap won't count. 

Q. I'm a civilian; what the heck is a RUCK March?

A. Put simply, it’s a walk, hike, jog with a pack loaded with gear, much like our military does during training and battle. 

Q. Ummm... What is a time trial relay? 

A. It’s a race against the clock. You have 2 hours to complete as many laps as possible. One person from your team is out doing a lap while the other is in transition, waiting for their turn to ruck a lap. You do NOT have to trade off lap for lap. One team member can do multiple laps while the other rests. Your team will only be counted for fully completed laps.

Q. How are laps tracked?

A. We will have a countdown timer running. Each team is given one check-point punch card. Each time a time member completes a lap and their pack clears the weight test, the card will be punched, and the next lap can begin. If a team loses its punch card. They may continue the event, but their laps will not count toward the winner.

Q. How long is the event?

A. You and your team-mate have 3 hours to complete as many laps as possible. ONLY completed laps count towards your lap count. So, if the two hours expire while you are out completing a lap, that lap won’t count -- only the previous laps will count.

Q. What if I can’t do all three hours? Can I drop out?

A. Yes, you can stop at any time; however, you will only be counted for the number of laps you and or your team completed. If you are dropping out and going home, please let us know. 

Q. What if I have to drop out, but my partner wants to keep going?

A. Yes, but each team member must complete at least one lap each.

Q. I’m slow. Can I still do the event, or will I be out of place?

A. Everyone and every walking/jogging pace is welcome. You are also welcome to do the Honorary. 

Q. Are the teams broken up into age groups or genders?

A. No, everyone is playing on equal ground. Teams can be made up of any gender or age group.


Q. How long is the course?

A. The lap length is a surprise!!! We will be announcing it soon. I will not be less than ½ mile and no more than 2 miles. 

Q. Can I wear Headphones?

A. Yes, but you must remove them or, at the very least, remove one earbud when you are coming through the checkpoint.

Q. Can I register for the event on race day?

A. Yes. 

Q. Can both team members be out on the ruck course at the same time?

A. One person must be the designated Rucker - per lap. However, if the other team member wants to make the loop with the designated rucker, they can. Please NOTE: that loop will still ONLY count as one lap for the team.

Q. Can I/we set up our own rest area in the start/finish/transition area?

A. you are welcome to set up an area inside our designated transition area. 


Q. Can I bring my dog with me or out on the course?

A. Yes, leashed service dogs are welcome. However, you are responsible for keeping bathroom bags with you and cleaning up after them. 




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